Rage. Guilt. Pain. Dishonesty. My attention and curiosity is ineluctably drawn to questioning the human psyche and how it exists beneath a range of facades. How does one distinguish the authentic self from the fictional persona? Beneath the illusions of someone's character, their is a soul that I feel will always remain true, which bleeds through all the inconsistencies that certain facades conceal.

As I explore the surface of the canvas with paint, I use figures to examine the tension between truth and fiction, superficial identities and authentic self. With each layer of paint I expose and conceal truths, identities, and constant realities of life and people. A strong affinity for paint allows me to release my inner demons and evoke a similar feeling or mood in a portrait. My work has referenced clown imagery, tribal body painting and scarification, and the physical disfigurement caused by disease, injuries, or surgery. These references to bodily surfaces are mirrored in my paint application. Thick meaty textures and gestural markmaking birth my figures, while others emerge from the detritus of the creative process. Proximity to my paintings changes perception in the same way we perceive people based on the time we spend with them. The true subject of my work is rooted in personal experiences with everyday people, experiences that have become the mainframe for my life.

My recent work incorporates architectural elements. The facade of a building is often the most important from a design
standpoint, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. But the beauty of architectural facades does not always apply to personality or character. I want to explore this idea and illustrate the possible beauty of facades or masks. If we dig deep enough to grasp why facades are there, then we may better understand the authentic self. Ultimately, when facades are shattered, the reality of your existence is exposed, releasing all truth and leaving no room for deception.